Juliane Hundertmark


Juliane Hundertmark is a German based artist and founder of Galerie Juliane Hundertmark. Hundertmark’s paintings consists of fairy-tale and mythical style creatures from her imagination. These rebellious creations are often depicted in theatrical or disturbing scenes that draw influence from historical or religious events. Her works are a fascinating balance of strangeness and beauty which she accomplishes by using a fast and brilliant paint technique combined with small sections of collage. “My art is my life, my life is a party, the party is crowded with strange animals. All animals are human beings.” says Hundertmark.

Galerie Juliane Hundertmark was founded in 2008 by Hundertmark herself in the old gallery district of Berlin-Mitte. The gallery features artists who do not quite have a name for themselves in the art world. Their mission is to connect buyers and fans of art directly with the new artists. Like Hundertmark’s own works, her gallery tends to feature artists who’s works lean towards the strange and unique. “We prefer artwork with provocative topics and mythological or religious themes in new positions.”

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