Futuristic Aerial Views of London by Vincent Laforet


At first glance, these photos may appear to be an ariel view of a city from some new futuristic sci-fi thriller. A closer look, however, reveals that they are actually photographs of modern day London. Vincent Laforet, the photographer who captured these surprisingly futuristic aerial views, spent two hours in a helicopter at 6,000 feet above London. This series of London photos is part of an ongoing project and soon-to-be book called Air, featuring similar aerial photos of different cities across the United States and Europe.

Laforet’s amazing attention to detail and light, along with his unique perspective, helped create these electrified cityscapes. “Big Ben is a wonderful example of the different types of lights and their color temperatures due to the older yellow (sodium vapor) and the green (fluorescent) mixed in with magenta (fluorescent) and white daylight balanced LED lights.” Said Laforet, giving a bit of insight on why the photos look the way they do. “I find this to be one of the most fascinating aspects of this AIR project: had we shot it just a few years ago, you’d have see much more monochromatic (mostly yellow) lighting throughout the cities … It would simply not be the same and not nearly as visually appealing.”

LAFORET_D7T1768_AIR_London LAFORET_D7T3343_AIR_London LAFORET_D7T3630_AIR_London LAFORET_D7T5615_AIR_London small-bridge

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