Christiaan Lieverse, an artist out of Eindhoven, Holland, makes use of unusual and unexpected materials as canvases for his works. Asphalt, cowhide, carpet and curtain fabrics are just a few examples of the many types of materials Lieverse uses to give his art a unique and different look. The variety of textures becomes a part of the story, the markings of a cowhide become pigments on a subjects skin, or carpet patterns become facial tattoos. These added levels are what makes Lieverse’s works unique.

His art focuses on today’s world, some of the themes explored in his projects include; identity and diversity in a globalising world; cultural identity and migration; social identity in a virtual environment; bioethics; the malleability of society.

Lieverse has participated in art shows all over the world, and has also worked on a number of projects. Visit Christiaan Lieverse to see his projects and more of his artworks.

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