Burning Man By Victor Habchy


Photographer Victor Habchy has always dreamed of visiting the surreal and bizarre wonderland known to the world as The Burning Man festival. One day, he decided to make his dream a reality. The French photographer simply packed his bag and traveled nearly half way around the world to make it to the event. Everyone who attends the famous festival is left in complete awe at what they experience. “Until today I wonder If I was just dreaming for a week. I have never felt as much alive, as much creative and loved” Habchy said. The events and scenes Victor and his fellow festival goers witnessed cannot accurately be described with mere words alone. However, the photos below can definitely lend a hand in helping to imagine the mystic and mysterious event that is the Burning Man.

burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-1 burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-7 burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-8  burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-12 burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-13 burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-14 burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-16 burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-20 burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-21 burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-22 burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-23 burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-24 burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-26 burning-man-festival-photography-victor-habchy-nevada-28

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