Blue Bubble Portraits Captured by Aaron Ansarov


After Aaron Ansarov retired as a military photographer from the Navy in 2007, he  changhed his skills from creatimg commercial work for magazines to focusing on his own practice and passions. Growing up in Central Florida gave Ansarov an early fascination with marine life. His series “Zooids,” focuses on detailed images of the Portuguese Man o’ War also known as blue bubble.

Ansarov photographs the creatures on a homemade light table while they are alive, then immediately releases them back into the wild where they were found as to not harm them.

You can see more of Ansarov’s illuminated images on Facebook and Instagram. (via Fubiz)


Ansarov_02 Ansarov_06Ansarov_03 Ansarov_04  Ansarov_07 Ansarov_08

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